Ukuli Data is here to help you

Does your website lack a critical functionality? Do you need a WordPress plugin that doesn’t exist yet? Or maybe you have an excellent website idea and need somebody to code it?

Or maybe your ecommerce site has a nasty bug which costs you hundreds of euros each hour? Perhaps your site was hacked and is now full of strange obfuscated code written by some diabolical criminal?

Do not panic! Just contact us!

Ukuli Data is a new Finnish company. While the company is new we have a lot of professional experience from other companies. And computers have been our hobby since the eighties.

In web programming we are somewhat focused on open source ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento, but will also create non-ecommerce sites with WordPress or other platforms such as Laravel, Node or Django.

Additionally we will do data science projects such as data mining, scraping, cleaning, analysis and visualization.

Contact us for:

We are strong believers in open source and will release some of our more mature projects on GitHub.

In the future these pages will have a blog and an ecommerce plugin shop.

If you believe our profile fits your needs please do not hesitate, just contact us. We are very friendly.