Some testimonials for Tomi Toivio’s old projects from before Ukuli Data was established. There are not too many of them since I didn’t start asking for testimonials in time.

It is fun to work with the dude(s) from Ukuli Data. They were doing freelance side projects for Suomen 3D-tulostustekniikka around 2014-2015. They are very enthusiastic about open source, eCommerce and web technology in general. They are also imaginative and can combine technologies in creative ways. Our first project was a WooCommerce web shop customized […]

Suomen 3D-tulostustekniikka Tulostinkartta

We worked with the entity now called Ukuli Data around 2012-2014. We set up a Magento web shop called Joos. The special innovation was dropshipping integration into four different Chinese dropshipping providers. At first we were kinda skeptical about how hard this dropshipping project would be but the programmer now known as Ukuli Data read […]

Sojo Joos

Ukuli Data built our web shop in 2014. He was easy to work with and explained clearly what was needed. He modified the shop’s looks according to our wishes and helped us set up the content. Since we wanted to send only paper invoices to the customers there was a need to make some changes, […]

Wärkkäri Wärkkäri

Tomi is a real time technologist and can work in very challenging environment in developing countries with sharp focus. He was very instrumental to ERMIS Africa work in Kenya by setting up a web-based Geoserver, training local communities on use of ICT in natural resource management, and participating in community mapping projects. I highly recommend […]

Ermis Africa Dol-Dol physical 3d mapping