We worked with the entity now called Ukuli Data around 2012-2014. We set up a Magento web shop called Joos. The special innovation was dropshipping integration into four different Chinese dropshipping providers.

At first we were kinda skeptical about how hard this dropshipping project would be but the programmer now known as Ukuli Data read the source code of Magento, made some changes, and then it was integrated into four Chinese dropshipping wholesalers.

Apparently there was something funny about it since the Ukuli Data creature has frequently talked about spaghetti and code like there is something funny about it. From my viewpoint it worked reliably and that was enough.

Besides dropshipping there were the normal theme branding and maintenance tasks every project has. Site speed, security fixes, extension installation and everything you do in every Magento project. Mr. T (UD) was typically one step ahead, especially in firefighting situations.

And it was Magento, the Panzerkampfwagen VI of eCommerce. Very powerful but requires a lot of maintenance, fuel and spare parts. If your logistics are compromised the competitors will pretty fast conquer your profits. Therefore at the end of the project we started to thinks something lighter like Panzerkampfwagen IV… Oops, I mean WooCommerce would have suited the logistics of the whole operation a lot better.

And good generals always think about logistics first. You can have five WooCommerce shops or one Magento shop. Which option will you choose for the domination of global markets?

Will you wage guerrilla war with five small eCommerce shops like a flight of X-Wings or build a really big one – a huge one – like a Death Star.

The commercial entity known as Ukuli Data is a very independent actor who can apparently learn new stuff really fast. I believe his new role as an entrepreneur should suit him well. Give him the ability and resources to initiate new projects and we need a science fiction author to describe the result.

This code artist now known as Ukuli Data asked me to write a funny testimonial about this old freelance project, but this is going to look really funny when his business starts hiring workers. Like maybe the new recruits are going to merge into Ukuli Data like that creature from The Thing.

The judicial entity called Ukuli Data also said several times he will get triggered badly if he is called a freelancer since now he is an entrepreneur. Apparently freelance projects should now be called subcontracting projects or somebody will run into the closest safe space.

I will heartily recommend Mr. T. to all eCommerce coding roles. My special wish is that entrepreneur UD will be given a lot of Magento 1 subcontracting projects since that is obviously what he enjoys.

This became rather longish but I now when I started to remember those golden years with mister T/UD and Magento I became rather nostalgic. I hops we will experience many such Magento adventures together in the future.