Ermis Africa

Dol-Dol physical 3d mapping

Tomi is a real time technologist and can work in very challenging environment in developing countries with sharp focus. He was very instrumental to ERMIS Africa work in Kenya by setting up a web-based Geoserver, training local communities on use of ICT in natural resource management, and participating in community mapping projects. I highly recommend him as a real team play and guiding open source solutions.



Ukuli Data built our web shop in 2014. He was easy to work with and explained clearly what was needed.

He modified the shop’s looks according to our wishes and helped us set up the content.

Since we wanted to send only paper invoices to the customers there was a need to make some changes, like the the paper invoices had to have Finnish reference numbers.

Ukuli Data also maintained the shop for years without problems.

We can recommend him for good technical skills and ability to explain clearly what is needed and how the shop works.

Suomen 3D-tulostustekniikka


It is fun to work with the dude(s) from Ukuli Data. They were doing freelance side projects for Suomen 3D-tulostustekniikka around 2014-2015.

They are very enthusiastic about open source, eCommerce and web technology in general. They are also imaginative and can combine technologies in creative ways.

Our first project was a WooCommerce web shop customized for dropshipping in addition to the main product which was 3D-printing filament made in Finland.

The second one was Tulostinkartta (Printer Map in English), a combination of geodata, 3D printing, user-produced web content and cryptocurrencies. Owners of 3D printers could add their printers to a map and then customers would send them 3D model files for printing and pay with Bitcoins. So it was a bit of an experimental project.

Apparently both projects were a few years ahead of their time. Maybe they should be rebooted.

Ukuli Data loves to kick off projects with these intensive small hackathons where they hack together the first version of the project. They are also fast to answer technical support requests outside of office hours.

It is easy to communicate with them since they can express the technological side of a project in a way that non-technical people can understand.