Tekniikan Maailma

Otavamedia was a bit different case since I worked on their WordPress sites which had probably the highest traffic of any site I have ever worked on, but on the other hand I probably contributed less than a percent to the entire project.

I checked that the WordPress sites were PHP 7 -compatible and fixed the compatibility problems that I found.

I also optimized the sites a bit.

So there were a lot of huge sites but my contribution was quite minimal.

Finnish Church Aid

Kirkon ulkomaanapu

Finnish Church Aid was a customer of AuroraDS and had several high traffic WordPress sites as well as several less active sites. I think there were a total of approximately ten sites.

I worked on both front and back end on the various sites and did things like custom plugins and updates to the theme.

I think that the most important sites with most work were:

These sites were originally created by Frantic but I made a lot of changes while they were hosted by AuroraDS.

Toisenlainen Lahja



HAMK was a project of my previous workplace AuroraDS which went bankrupt and then I started Ukuli Data since it seemed like the right time to try entrepreneurship.

This project included API integrations such as several integrations into Microsoft Graph API. I also did frontend elements.



Myintegration was a project of my previous workplace AuroraDS which went bankrupt and then I started Ukuli Data since it seemed like a right time to try entrepreneurship.

My main task in this project was to create an API integration plugin PTV API so that the services in Hämeenlinna area were updated automatically. Then there were tasks connected to the front end design and another integration into Tavastia events API.



Mainoskupla was a WordPress site for a youth advertising contest. The contestants were able to submit their own advertisements online. ‘Voting’ was based on number of social media shares. There was a little WordPress custom plugin which collected sharing statistics from different social media APIs. 



Uskotko? is a campaign website built on WordPress. Drawings are by the famous cartoonist Pertti Jarla. I created a customized WordPress child theme based on the style of the graphics.

Tulostinkartta (Printer map in English)


A website where 3D printer owners could add their 3D-printers to a map.
Then users could send 3D files to be printed and pay with Bitcoins.

This was a very interesting project which combined geodata, 3D-printing, cryptocurrencies, etc.