Finnish Church Aid

Kirkon ulkomaanapu

Finnish Church Aid was a customer of AuroraDS and had several high traffic WordPress sites as well as several less active sites. I think there were a total of approximately ten sites.

I worked on both front and back end on the various sites and did things like custom plugins and updates to the theme.

I think that the most important sites with most work were:

These sites were originally created by Frantic but I made a lot of changes while they were hosted by AuroraDS.

Toisenlainen Lahja

3D-Tarvike (3D Supplies in English)


Customized WooCommerce web shop. Biggest customization was integration to several drop shipping wholesalers. The main product was however 3D printing filament.



Wärkkäri is a customized WooCommerce web shop. The customizations were relatively simple and the biggest change was to change the payment gateway so that it sent PDF bills with required Finnish data. Additionally there were the theme branding customizations that are needed in every project.