Tekniikan Maailma

Otavamedia was a bit different case since I worked on their WordPress sites which had probably the highest traffic of any site I have ever worked on, but on the other hand I probably contributed less than a percent to the entire project.

I checked that the WordPress sites were PHP 7 -compatible and fixed the compatibility problems that I found.

I also optimized the sites a bit.

So there were a lot of huge sites but my contribution was quite minimal.

FLOSS Manuals (Finnish language)

FLOSS Manuals (Finland)

FLOSS Manuals was a wikibook-style site with manuals for open source software. I worked there around 2009-2015.

I was acting as an Open Source Coordinator of the Finnish part of the project, which meant in practice:

  • Communication and organization of events such as with the collaborators of the project
  • Writing and translation of the content of the manuals
  • Acting as the webmaster of the site which required PHP and Python programming

So this was a very interesting project since it included really diverse tasks. Actually it was one of my favorite projects.

Here is one of the manuals attached as an example of what kind of content was produced. It is released under GPL licence.